W6 celebrating A level successes.

Students and staff at W6 Sixth Form at SRWA, a member of the Woodard Academies Trust, are today celebrating another great set of exam results.

A key strength for the Academy has always been our Performing Arts specialism. Once again, this subject area delivered results among the best in the country in Performing Arts, Production Arts, and Music, with 100% of students achieving an A/A* grade or equivalent.

The Academy offers a broad selection of subjects ranging from academic A-levels to a variety of equivalent qualifications. Building on last year’s departmental successes, new highlights this year included 100% of students in History and Music achieving a grade of A*-C, along with 92% achieving the same in Sociology. English Literature and Mathematics continue the success of last year with 100% A*-C, representing an outstanding outcome for the subject and students. Across the board, 25% of students achieved an A* or A grade in academic and vocational courses, which is a testament to the hard work of our students.

The successes of previous years also continued in Health & Social Care with 100% of all students gaining the equivalent of an A*grade.

As ever, there were numerous examples of excellent individual performance. These achievements are a great source of pride for the Academy – as well as setting up the students concerned to be highly successful in their chosen further studies and future careers. They provide a strong foundation for further success for W6 sixth form students yet to come!

Individual A2 Highlights include:

These results have secured many of our students places at local and national universities. Alex Luff has secured a place at The University of Sussex, reading American Studies which will see him spend some of his time abroad in the United States. Other notable placements include Felix Barrett who will study Music at University of Chichester and Bryony Johnson will pursue Physiotherapy at London’s Brunel University.

Connie Franks Distinction* (Music), Distinction* x2  (Performing Arts)
Zac Lelean Distinction* (Music), Distinction* x2  (Performing Arts)
Megan Phillips Distinction* (Music), Distinction* x2  (Performing Arts)
Melanie Zaft A (Art), Distinction* x2  (Performing Arts)
Jamie Hull A (Maths), B (Further Maths), B (Physics), Distinction* (Production Arts)
Bryony Johnson A*(Psychology), B (Biology), Distinction* (Sport)
Amber Boden Distinction* (Health/Social Care), Distinction* x2  (Performing Arts), Distinction (Music)
Alicia Veale Distinction* (Public Services), Distinction* x2  (Sports Development)

Kieran Scanlon, SRWA’s Principal, commented that he was “delighted to be here with the students and teachers this morning to celebrate the fruits of all their hard work over the last two years. We wish all of our outgoing sixth form students every success for the future”

Team Building News

Scavenger Hunt – Day 1

On the first day of term we will be hosting our annual Brighton Scavenger Hunt. It will be a chance to get to know other students at W6, year 12s and 13s, and also an opportunity to develop new skills while having some fun in Brighton.

It is a compulsory day and all students are expected to attend. It will be a lot of fun and it will give you a great chance to get to know your fellow students.

Enrolment and Recruitment

Enrolment Interviews

Remember that all classes are suspended for the first week of term. If you are in year 13, you will receive an email or a letter inviting you to an enrolment interview in which you will discuss your results and your subject choices – year 11 students will be able to collect these letters with their GCSE results. Please let us know if you have not received this yet so that we can inform you of your appointment.

A full list of appointments will be shared here in the week of interviews.

All students must have an interview before commencing their studies at W6. This is to make sure you are on the correct courses to ensure your future success.


New website

Things probably look a little different around here. We have updated our website so that more current and relevant information is easier to find. You can find more permanent content and information through the menus above. There is a menu of quick links for students at the very top of the page.
If there is anything you are looking for that you can’t find, there is always the search function at the bottom right where you can find everything on the site.


W6 Activities Week

What a great launch to a great Activities Week. Leaders from eBay and O2 have given their challenges and the W6 students have taken the ball and run with it. It will be exciting to see what they will make of it and what ideas they come up with in the presentations on Wednesday.

eBay has asked some of our students to come up with solutions to engage more young people and to interact with their platform, and also how eBay can develop their business to take account of the changes in the automotive industry. How does eBay react to a world of driverless, electric cars?

O2 wants the students to consider ways to get more customers into the physicals stores in a time when more and more people buy their mobile phones online.

The students will present to the business leaders on Wednesday. It will be very interesting to see what they come up. Well done to our students for a great first day, and keep the momentum going over the next few days.

Many thanks to the staff at O2, eBay and also Platf9rm and Skiff workspaces in Brighton.