STEM Evening with Ricardo

Each year we host an evening for year 10 students interested in further education and careers in STEM, with out partner Ricardo. It is held at Ricardo’s Centenary Innovation Centre in Shoreham. Details for the next event will be shared early in 2018.

It will be an opportunity to meet with engineers, staff and students to discuss further study and careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

It is open to all year 10 students and their families. There will be refreshments, talks, hands-on displays and a tour of the world-class Ricardo site.

Here are details of last year’s event.


Welcome back

That time has come. It’s time to start the new year.

The Scavenger Hunt was a great success, but now it’s time to get down to business.

All students are expected to come in at at 8.40 to go straight to tutor time for 8.50. If you are unsure of where your tutor is, go to the common room where you can find out. Year 13 will have an enrichment session during p3 and p4, in which you will be given an overview of the programme and expectations for the year. We will also update you on how the 6th form area will be used.

If you’ve not been back in yet, you will get to see the 90% complete renovations of the 6th form area.

Remember, “Look Smart, Sensible Choices” is the dress code.

If you have any questions, please ask your tutor. We look forward to you joining us at W6.


Scavenger Hunt – you did it!

Thanks to everyone who so enthusiastically participated in the W6 Scavenger Hunt in Brighton today. It was a great day, so many of you really embraced it and got stuck in. The turn out was amazing, and we appreciate you seeing it for what it was: a fun way to get to know your fellow students.
We were most impressed to see some selfies with the staff at Resident Records. Miss Warrington and Ms Roche even decided to hire bikes and do the hunt themselves.
If you have any more pictures to share, tweet them with the hashtag #W6Scavenger
Once all the submissions are in we will announce the winners and the prize.


Scavenger Hunt Tweets

Tweets from our students on the Brighton Scavenger Hunt.

Start of Term Enrolment and Recruitment

Arrangements for first week

Please note the first week of term is as follows:

  • 6th September.
    • Team building day
  • 7th -13th September.
    • Enrolment and Progression Interviews – you only need attend for the time of your interview . You will be set work on Canvas for that week (it will not appear on Canvas until the 7th)
    • Due to the renovations of the 6th form are it won’t be possible for students to be on site during this time to complete work.
  • 14th September
    • Lessons commence.
  • 14th September (evening)
    • Meet the Tutors 6th form BBQ


Please note attendance to the team building day, your interview and the first day of teaching is compulsory.

If you have any questions about the schedule or process please email us at