To help keeping education affordable, we have partnered with Freedom Tech to provide a low cost laptop scheme for W6 students.

This allows you to buy and pay for a super sleek and affordable laptop while at W6 for a competitive low price, with full insurance for two years

You can access the purchase portal here: Tech4Leaners

Username: SRWA2018

Password: Welcome01

There are three devices to choose from ranging in cost from £15 per month up to £19 per month, with the cost spread across 2 years for year 12 students and 12 months for year 13 students. 

All devices come with 24 months’ insurance as standard and this includes full theft and damage replacement with no excess for any claim. 

The devices are Chromebooks, so run on the Chrome operating system which allows students to link directly to the google accounts, their google files and work efficiently in the cloud.

Acer Chromebook R11.

Acer Chromebook 14

Lenovo N23 Chromebook

The benefits of the devices are:

  • Super fast boot up times of approximately 8 seconds. No more waiting for slow Windows start up.
  • Excellent battery life. Charge it once and get up to 10 hours use, so no need to charge it during the day.
  • No viruses – no more PC viruses. the Chrome OS is always up to date, is a light and efficient operating system. No need for virus checkers.
  • Google at its core – all documents, mail and programmes are cloud based with Google. If you break or lose your device, when it is replaced you log straight back in and everything is there so never lose a document again.
  • Low cost – these devices have been chosen to provide a great combination of the right amount of speed and storage to meet the demands of study without any unnecessary whistles and bells. 
  • Affordable monthly payments – payments are by monthly direct debit, spread across one or two years. This allows you to get a device upfront and pay for it over the duration of your time at W6.
  • It’s yours – unlike some other schemes which see your payments are “contributions” or “donations” and then you return the device, at the end of the scheme the device is yours to keep and use. Forever. 

Read more about Chromebooks at Google.  

If you have any questions about the scheme, feel free to drop us a line at

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