Thank-you to all Year 12 students who travelled by coach and attended the “Safe Drive Stay Alive” presentation this morning, at The Pavilion Theatre, Worthing. About 40 students watched the show, which encouraged younger drivers to make informed decisions when driving.

What is it about?

Safe Drive Stay Alive is aimed at 16-18 year-old students who are either already driving or learning to drive.

It is a hard-hitting stage show that aims to reduce the number of young people who are killed or seriously injured on our roads.

The show combines narrative film footage of a group of teenagers whose journey ends in tragedy with real life stories brought bravely to the stage by those people whose lives have been changed forever by a car crash.

Remember: 100 minutes of enrichment time can be awarded to those who attended – please see Mrs Morley to sign this off.

Safe Drive, Stay Alive

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