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Enrolment Interviews

Remember that all classes are suspended for the first week of term. If you are in year 13, you will receive an email or a letter inviting you to an enrolment interview in which you will discuss your results and your subject choices – year 11 students will be able to collect these letters with their GCSE results. Please let us know if you have not received this yet so that we can inform you of your appointment.

A full list of appointments will be shared here in the week of interviews.

All students must have an interview before commencing their studies at W6. This is to make sure you are on the correct courses to ensure your future success.


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Basketball Academy

We focus on your skills.

We know how to drive you to make you the champion you want to be. Most importantly, we help you reach your goals.


Focussed training to build the strength and skills to make you the best player.


Receive the best education, with a wide range of courses to run alongside your training.


Receive support, advice and guidance from some of the game’s best coaches.

We love the game of success.

SRWA Basketball Academy is a sporting academy that competes in one of the best college programmes in the country. The Basketball Academy is an opportunity for aspiring young basketball players to combine top-level training and coaching with excellent teaching at W6. Our end goal is to enable you to work towards a professional basketball contract or a scholarship at a British or American university. Our programme is aimed at 16-18 year olds and we are proud to say that it is one of the best academies in the south of England. The Basketball Academy is able to boast brand new double sports hall facilities which are fitted with professional standard raking seating and a fully sized state of the art fitness suite.

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Sussex Bears