We are a growing, dynamic and diverse sixth form centre, based at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy.

What we offer

Performing Arts Specialism

W6 has excellent performing arts. There are outstanding courses in performing and production arts, and also opportunities for all students to get involved in theatrical productions regardless of their course of study. Previous shows include Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal" and Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Maths Specialism

Maths is a strength at W6 and we believe that our results speak for themselves. In 2016 1 in 3 students achieved an A* or A. Specialist maths staff provide excellent teaching and learning, and our students achieve well, with many going on to some of the best universities in the country.


All work and no play.... We believe that a rich and diverse programme of enrichment makes W6 a more dynamic and interesting institution. You will have the opportunity to participate in sessions preparing you for employment and university, those which will entertain and challenge you. And of course we are happy to run sessions suggested by students.


At W6 we have excellent links with the local and wider business community. To further enhance your education we are able to offer students the opportunity of working with a professional business mentor. They are there to support and guide you, challenge you and open your eyes to opportunities and avenues you had never considered before. Mentors come from a wide range of industries that match with most of our subjects.

Student Leadership

At W6 there are considerable opportunities for students to take a leading role in the operation and planning of the W6 sixth form. We have an executive team that represent the student population and also roles dedicated to social and digital responsibilities.

Pathways and Scholarships

We recognise that you can study in a number of institutions for your A level studies. At W6 we are able to group subjects together to make pathways and scholarships. We are then able to give you specialised support, experience and advice to help you on your way in a range of specialisms ranging from performance, engineering and medicine, to name a few.

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